Treadmill Deck Info: Treadmill Decks Materials and Warranty

Treadmill deck is the substance that varieties the really hard surface area on which you operate. In other text it truly is the supportive surface area. This article distinguishes the decking from the tread belt which is the belt that moves throughout the decking.


Treadmill brands do not deliver a wonderful offer of information about the real development resources of their decks. These days most treadmills, in particular if priced earlier mentioned $1,000 are manufactured with decently robust tread decks (typically medium density fibreboard with a duo phenolic coating – all talked over in element underneath).

On the other hand, power isn’t really the be all and conclude all. If power were being most important, more treadmill brands would use metal. Metal is used, but not thoroughly.

What are decking development objectives?

Like I explained earlier mentioned, if power was the only goal, metal or metal decks would rule the day. But power isn’t really the only goal. High quality decking should really:

  • Be robust
  • Be durable
  • Have some elasticity (i.e. a little bit flexible, but not bouncy)
  • Lower sound (i.e. muffle sound if achievable)
  • Have a easy surface area to lessen tread belt friction

What resources are used?

Typically you can see reference to stable wood, medium density fibreboard (MDF), and metal as resources used for treadmill decks. For coating you can typically read through about phenolic coating. The article points out these unique resources.


1. Medium density fibreboard (MDF)

MDF is made by breaking down wood into fibres (sawdust) and then forming the fibres into a stable treadmill deck with wax and resin. The usual thickness is 3/4″ to 1″. You can read through more about MDF right here.

MDF is the predominant substance used for treadmill decks.

2. Stable wood

The deck is designed out of 3/4″ to 1″ stable wood. The problems with stable wood is it truly is really hard to discover a piece of wood that is best. MDF, although not best possibly, makes certain a consistency that is really hard to discover with stable wood.

Particle board: Particle board is no the exact same as MDF. Particle board is not fibre-dependent. It really is a stable wood composite merchandise. The final result is that particle board is much weaker than MDF. MDF is denser and more powerful.

Prevent treadmills with decks working with particle board. You will be lucky to get a year out of it.

3. Metal

Metal decks are not almost as widespread as stable wood or MDF decks. It really is heavier and does not build as “soft” of a surface area as wood or MDF. Working on metal or metal simply isn’t really as pleasant as on stable wood or MDF.

What substance do I advise?

MDF deck that is duo or triple coated with phenolic resin coating.

The coating

Some treadmills are coated on both equally sides (duo-coating, sometimes also referred to as triple-coating), although lower-high-quality treadmills coat only 1 side of a treadmill deck. The far better deck is coated on both equally sides which aids lessen warping. It really is also far better for decreasing friction with the tread deck along the entire surface area region on which the tread belt moves.

Most effective substance used for coating:

Phenolic: This is the best coating substance. You will spend more for phenolic coating, but it truly is worthy of it.

What is phenolic resin coating?

Phenolic resin coating is a plastic resin. When a treadmill deck is coated with phenolic resin, wax the wood deck is unneeded.

Can you establish your own if your unique deck breaks?

Certainly, but it truly is not a good idea except you definitely know what you might be executing. Just slamming in a sheet of plywood or MDF isn’t really likely to do it. There’s adequately coating the deck and guaranteeing it securely attaches to the treadmill.

The final factor you want is your deck to break apart when jogging or walking.

This is why getting a life time warranty on your treadmill deck is important. Decks typically break or crack (in particular with lower-priced treadmills).

Decking Concerns

Substitution frequency

The assortment in the variety of several hours of use treadmill decks are good for is astounding. Some lower-conclude treadmill decks are built for 500 several hours, although other warranty their decks for daily life. Normally the intensity of use and excess weight of users will affect the length of a treadmill deck.

Is it reversible?

Some treadmill brands make reversible tread decks so that you can get more mileage out of them.

Is reversible good?

It is dependent. Some brands make treadmill decks that are warrantied for a life time without having getting to reverse them. Other individuals do not appear with a life time warranty and are unable to be reversed. These may have the shortest lifespan. Then there are treadmills with reversible decks which in principle doubles the lifespan of the treadmill deck.

The warranty

Ideally, the treadmill you invest in will have a life time warranty on the deck. This is indicative the company stands behind the deck and in the function the deck fails, you get a alternative.

Cushioning technologies

Cushioning technologies is very great these days. Treadmill cushioning technologies contains the sum of, kind of, and high-quality of the treadmill cushioning.

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