The Cardinal Bird Feeder – What Works Best?

The intention of a cardinal chook feeder, of training course, would be to draw in the cardinal. This chook, of training course, is probably the solitary most well known chook for yard chook watchers. Even so, to the dismay of numerous, there genuinely is no cardinal feeder for each se. But, the chook definitely has equally feeder and seed preferences. Let us just take a seem!

Very first, what isn’t going to work that perfectly.

The tube feeder is pretty well known. Even so, do not make the oversight of considering it a beloved of the cardinal. I’ve been looking at birds for several years and several years and I can explain to you with total certainty that this is not your greatest option for the cardinal. He has almost no neck and is compelled to change his whole human body sideways to consume from a tube. In addition, he’s just a smidgen too huge for most perches.

Some people will recommend you to increase a tray to the base. Granted, you will see the chook more usually if you do this. Just keep in intellect that Droll Yankees trays in good shape Droll Yankees tube feeders Facets trays in good shape Facets tube feeders Chicken Quest trays in good shape Chicken Quest tube feeders.

Do you know which model you have?

Also, keep in intellect that trays draw in lots of other birds like grackles and starlings. If these birds take a look at your tube feeder, you will not likely see numerous cardinals (or any other birds for that matter). Hold in intellect the goal of a tube feeder is to deliver for modest birds like the tufted titmouse and Carolina chickadee.

Increase a tray, in come the medium and huge birds, absent go the modest birds-just like that, you have defeated the goal of the tube.

So what does work?

A suitable cardinal chook feeder is any feeder whose structure accommodates the cardinal’s desire to “bend at the hip” or not at all when feeding. You want a feeder that isn’t going to drive the chook to change its human body. A primary hopper feeder is a wonderful option as a cardinal chook feeder. So is any fly-by way of chook feeder (a fly-by way of feeder is open up on all sides and has sufficient place). Also, platform feeders on the floor are excellent cardinal feeders.

There are suppliers of feeders who explain their product or service as “cardinal feeder.” The no-no is one these kinds of instance. However this feeder does accommodate the cardinal, be mindful! Several chook feeders do not do what the manufacturer statements.

The Droll Yankees squirrel proof feeder identified as the whipper is created to be a cardinal feeder. The curved perch is a great innovation that accommodates the chook properly. The Brome Care “squirrel buster” squirrel proof feeder, with its removable ring, also serves the chook, however the chook does not show up as comfy on this feeder as he does on the whipper (make no oversight, however, the Brome Care Solution is equivalent and even superior to the Droll Yankees product or service in numerous ways).


What seed really should you feed the cardinal? Arms down, safflower. This is a bitter tasting seed that squirrels, grackles and starlings are inclined not to consume.

If you do not have these pests floating all-around, any top quality chook seed will do. Black oil sunflower seed and sunflower hearts (chips) are favorites of the cardinal. He’ll consume most blends, too but do not use huge box blends–they are whole of filler that birds do not consume.

I’ve found cardinals consume fruit–you can expect to need to have a fruit feeder for this.

So, what is my beloved cardinal chook feeder?

You know, my recommend to chook watchers wanting to draw in cardinals to “get back to basics.” I advise either a picket hopper feeder or a fly-by way of platform feeder serve as their cardinal chook feeder.

If you observe this recommend and are client, I assure that you can expect to be visited by this stunning chook calendar year spherical!

Source by Robert Kegebein


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