Reflexology – Non Invasive Healing Technique

Reflexology? At any time heard of it? Neither experienced I until I ran into a web-site set up by Monthly bill Flocco, director and founder of the American Academy of Reflexology. It apparently is a web-site for suffering aid and is liable for providing you a deep feeling of relaxation.


This method is primarily based on the plan that damage or disease in a single aspect of the physique can result in a buildup of substance that irritates nerve endings in reflex details in the ft, arms and ears. So, reflexing – implementing tension on and gentile manipulation at the details of the ft, arms and ears – corresponds to and can help distinct locations of the physique.

Case in point

The reflexes in the fingers and toes correspond to the head and neck. For finest outcomes massage these reflex details for 5 to 10 minutes at minimum 2 times a day and at minimum four occasions a 7 days. Sometimes aid will come quickly, or it can consider many times, weeks or for a longer time for reflexology to enable.

Warning: if suffering is associated to a health care condition find enable from a health care provider.

For every ailment you can use tension on the arms, ears and ft for aid.

A couple of reflex details are described below:

Jaw Pain

This winter season I fell on the ice on the correct side of my face swelling it up providing me a good deal of suffering and a large contusion. I experienced intensive suffering in the jaw location whilst X-rays proved unfavorable. Just after running throughout reflexologist Dr. Flocco web-site I assumed why not check out it. On his web-site he directs you to use the tip of your index finger, track down the small flap of cartridge at the best of the earlobe. Then shift your finger about 50 % an inch towards the back again edge of the ear. Place the tip of the thumb at the rear of the ear and with the index finger on the front, squeeze gently, implementing agency, but not agonizing tension. Implement tension on both equally ears at after.

Just after you have used the reflexology on the ear for 5 to 10 minutes, do it on your ft. Although seated, area you remaining foot on the opposite knee. With the remaining hand grasp the significant toe and use tension with the tip of the thumb to the widest aspect of the significant toe in the location closest to the next toe. Switch legs and repeat, workout both equally for 5 to 10 minutes.

Just after seeking these strategies on the ears and ft for the recommended total of time, four occasions a 7 days, just after two weeks the suffering experienced dissipated to the extent I no for a longer time experienced suffering. Wow, to say the minimum I was astonished it worked!

Lessen Back Pain

I was so astonished this worked like it did I assumed I would check out it on my persistent back again suffering I designed when I was young. I experienced been using Ibuprofen for it eternally I just assumed that maybe this would do the occupation.

On the web-site the great health care provider directs you to come across the location just previously mentioned the wrist on the thumb edge of the remaining palm. Greedy from at the rear of with the fingers of the opposite hand, use gentile tension to this issue with the tip of the thumb. Carefully roll the tip of your thumb even though implementing tension. Switch arms and repeat for 5 to 10 minutes four occasions a 7 days. I did these routines for a single 7 days and the back again suffering wholly disappeared from my physique. I have not experienced back again suffering now for many years now I am guaranteed I was onto a thing.

Lowering Urinary Frequency

As I have developed more mature I was having up to go to the rest room at minimum 2 times a night time. I have appeared at many distinctive drug treatment options whose side results are worse than the treatment. I appeared again on the web-site and identified an workout that the health care provider claimed would eliminate having up at night time wholly. You will need to do this simple workout four to six occasions every day and he vowed this would get rid of the urine frequency.

The web-site claims, even though sitting down, area your remaining foot on your correct knee. Uncover the location on the internal edge of the remaining foot that is a immediate line under the ankle bone, the place the internal side of the foot and the sole of the foot meet. Utilizing your correct thumb, use tension on this issue. Carefully grasp and stabilize the remaining foot with the fingers on the correct hand even though you do this. Repeat on the opposite foot. The workout must last from 5 to 10 minutes. Do this every day until urination frequency disappears.

I experimented with it for two weeks and the urination frequency eventually, at long last, disappeared. I am content to say that reflexologist Dr. Flocco has accomplished wonders for my suffering administration. By simply just subsequent his route the complications have all long gone away.

Resource by Gary Kent Boyd


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