Proper Tens Electrode Placement Following ACL Reconstruction Surgery

The use of tens machines for publish surgical therapy is currently being extensively utilized nowadays in the orthopedic medical procedures space. The use of a tens device is normally completed as a way to stop and manage suffering following trauma to tissue and bones induced by medical procedures. The tens device electrodes are put on the patient when the patient is still unconscious and below anesthesia. In most situations the electrodes are sterile electrodes, on the other hand given that the placement occurs after the wound is sutured it’s not essential to only use sterile electrodes. This is a basic guideline on how to spot the electrodes and additional importantly why.

If the tens device is currently being utilized exclusively for suffering then the electrode placement is not as very important as it is when the electrical stimulus of the tens device is currently being utilized to facilitate speedier healing of the harmed tissues. We propose the tens electrode placement involve both equally areas of publish medical procedures healing, speedier healing and a lot less suffering. Electrical stimulation has traditionally been utilized to mend non-union fractures, non healing decubitus ulcers, and the processes for those people form uses is the very same one uses for healing tissues following medical procedures.

Most clinicians are common with how electricity goes via the overall body from a tens device. A tens device has two “channels”. A channel is practically nothing additional than a circuit from the tens device and the device sends electricity down one wire/cable to one electrode to go into the overall body. Immediately after the electricity enters the overall body it then can take the shortest easiest, a lot less resistant, route to the other electrode that has been put on the overall body. It is the space among the electrodes that is essential.

Let us just take an ACL reconstruction on the knee and demonstrate how this will work. A lot of surgeons and tens enterprise reps will spot two electrodes on the very same channel straight previously mentioned the knee on each side of the leg. The current circulation is about 3 – 6 inches previously mentioned the knee – NOT IN THE Location The place THE Tender TISSUE AND BONE TISSUE Were being Wounded. Mainly because the current is exclusively flowing previously mentioned the injured tissue there is in all probability no advantageous acceleration of healing of the bone or tender tissues owing to the electricity. It only does not go into the impacted space for that reason it’s unlikely speedier healing occurs. There is some suffering manage from this tens electrode placement, but not any speedier healing.

The proper placement would be to spot one electrode guiding the calf of the knee, and the other electrode on the best of the thigh about 3 – 4 inches previously mentioned the knee. What this does is:

A. manage the suffering by stimulating the afferent nerves in the space, and

B. directs the electricity via the space wherever the medical procedures happened.

Earlier mentioned is the greater tens electrode placement following ACL medical procedures for suffering manage, and to get the patient healed and restore whole purpose quicker.

Right here is a online video to demonstrate how the use of Purposeful electrical stimulation can be utilized to get back whole exercise levels 8 – 10 months after acl reconstructive medical procedures. This is especially essential for the athlete or youngster participating in large faculty athletics.

Resource by Bob G Johnson


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