Is Your HIIT Really HIIT?

Sprinting is 1 hell of a way to lose body fat and enhance power. Sprinting is also 1 hell of a way to accumulate some quite annoying accidents. HIIT has turn out to be known as the very best way to employ sprints. Even so, are you genuinely making use of HIIT or are you just interval coaching ?? My friend there is a Major big difference in the two. I generally listen to people talking about doing some rounds of HIIT, but in actuality they are just doing interval coaching not higher intensity interval coaching. There is completely nothing completely wrong with this technique. It would be like comparing maximum toughness coaching to hypertrophy (muscle mass) coaching. Even so, if you are fascinated in HIIT, below are some significant clues that you are not doing higher more than enough intensity:

– You are sprinting all out for a lot more than 15 seconds (and 15 seconds is seriously pushing it).

– You only need to have a couple seconds or minutes in between 1 circuit prior to you are able to go once more (I seriously doubt the most elite sprinter could get absent with that).

– You genuinely have no strategy you just operate … rapid. There are some who are born to dash and can go with this. Just for the sake of argument, allow&#39s say you are not 1 of them.

I loathe to be the 1 to bring you the lousy information but, this is interval coaching. Not to be baffled with the hardcore all out HIIT you want it to be.

Like I said before, interval coaching is just good and will most very likely serve you effectively to get to your fat loss aims. I&#39m just below to display you how to increase some horsepower to your engine. Initial of all, allow me backtrack and make sure we are all on the same wavelength below when talking about HIIT. HIIT sprinting is bouts of sprints managed at 95% of maximum toughness / velocity or larger (1). The bouts are higher powerful in nature and thrive on ATP-CP (alactic) vitality procedure. Since of the extremely nature of the beast, very long relaxation breaks are essential in between sets to allow for for ATP-CP restoration and ease oxygen personal debt (1).

I would argue lots of health and fitness center goers lack the skill set to reach their maximal possible. So HIIT is just unreachable. The HIIT is assumed to be created to enhance power and toughness gains as effectively as decrease bodyfat in innovative sprinters. I would not leap the gun and say you need to have to be elite to use HIIT, but you do need to have to comprehend and be able to execute some sprinting abilities to actually harness HIIT dash coaching. I am going to define some drills to give you what you need to have to get to the future stage. All I check with is you abide by the recommended relaxation times and give the drills a possibility. Belief me, they are currently established to get the job done. I&#39m just environment them up for you to use.

Initial, you need to have to discover a good subject “to get your sprints on”. If you have obtain to a wonderful gentle keep track of, use that. Next, get some cleats. Cleats are quite reasonably priced. I would advise the general soccer cleat for grass fields and short length sprinter cleats for a keep track of.

3rd, evaluate your bodily qualities and shortcomings prior to starting. Sprinting is quite unforgiving. Your body will be transferring in millisecond velocity and making use of / absorbing a Great deal of generated force. So, prior to concluding understanding in which you stand and acquire treatment of any shortcomings. I would advise investing a couple bucks and obtaining a postural and kinetic evaluation carried out by a bodily therapist or extremely proficient personalized coach. Ultimately, restoration (lively and passive) is 60% of the game. Having, sleeping, stretching, massages, and implements these as these will serve you effectively.

To dash, 1 desires exceptional dorsiflexion (that&#39s about 15-20 diploma bend in your ankle as your toes point ot your shins) so each day I would suggest doing bouts of heel strolling. This can be carried out in the course of day-to-day chores or any other day-to-day pursuits. Also, the muscle groups in the foot that assist in dorsiflexion and “clawing” (extensors and flexors) should be strengthened regularly. You can just follow by spreading and gripping with your toes as you stroll about the dwelling or in between drills.

To make sure we all have the foundation for sprinting post, I&#39m going to go around a couple checkpoints of the higher body in the course of the “elevate” section of the dash and these drills:

– Eyes and head concentrated forward. Chin should not jut forward.

– Jaw is unfastened (jelly jaw).

– Shoulders are depressed and retracted (down and again).

– Arms generate forward and again with a 90 diploma elbow bend

– Arms are loosely clenched

– Arms generate again and forth remaining near to body and not crossing torso.

Listed here are the drills to do prior to sprinting. These are not the only drills out there, but they are effortless to study and have fantastic affect on your potential to dash. Also, the higher body performs a vital role in the good quality of your dash, so continue to keep superior higher body sort for drilling:

1) Heel Walks

20 yards

2) Ankle Jumps

20 jumps

3) Reduced Move Shuffle

20 yards

4) Mid Move Shuffle

20 yards

5) Butt kicks

20 yards

6) A-march

20 yards

7) A-skip

20 yards

8) Heel Bounds

20 yards

9) Heel Bounds in partial squat

20 yards


Heel Walks:

Walk on the heels of your ft with toes pointed towards shin. Point your toes a little bit inward (should really feel “pigeon toed”). Preserve your legs straight and pull on your own forward with each step.

Ankle Jumps:

Leap in area with hands at your aspect. Only allow for a extremely slight bend of the knee. Leap as higher as doable. On landing explode as rapid as doable into one more leap. The goal is to acquire rapid response time and mobility in the ft and ankles.

Reduced Move shuffle:

These are down with your ft remaining dorsiflexed the whole time. Almost what a rapid stroll stroll would look like. With your ft dorsiflexed, shuffle as speedily as doable, only making it possible for your ft to hardly apparent your ankles. The actions will be extremely short and tiny but you need to try to sustain a higher velocity. Faux the floor is on fireplace and you need to have to continue to keep your ft in air as very long as doable and on the floor as little as doable.

Mid Move Shuffle:

Very same as small step, other than this time you can bend your knees to allow for your ft to raise approx. mid shin stage. When you are doing it correct, your legs will be in entrance of your body as if bicycle riding.


Really self explanatory. Bear in mind, we need to have good quality so your calves should make make contact with with your hamstrings each time (as 1 coach place it “smash your hammies with your calves …”).


This is a marching dash. Variety is genuinely cruel below. You will march bringing your knee as higher as doable of the floor. Try to bring your calf in make contact with with your hamstrings. Swiftly bring that same foot “right” down under your body (not in entrance).


You will acquire the same technique employed in A-march and now increase a skip into it.

Heel Bounds (or leaps):

Maintaining your legs straight and ft dorsiflexed, bound from on foot to one more. Genuinely emphasize pulling your body forward with your leg. Do not bend knees.

Heel Bounds (in partial squat):

Very same as heel bounds, but this time you are in a partial squatting placement. You will bend your knees and speed up your body forward with each step.

Just take 2-5 minutes lively breaks (lively stretching, backwards strolling and so on.) Re-gasoline with whatever your sports drink is and do this once more. I would advise going by means of two to four times for rookies and 6 times for the “seasoned fellas and gals”. Also, do not around review this details I wrote. These are actions that you are attempting to make “subconscious” for on your own. So really feel for suitable posture and biomechanics. With any luck ,, this will enhance your sprinting potential and allow for you to actually reach the stage of HIIT.


1. Bompa, Tudor and Carrera Michael. Periodization Teaching for Sporting activities. 2005: 27-33.

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