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Clomid. Causes of infertility.

The three main causes of female infertility: ovulation disorder-35-40%, pipe-factors of 20 to 30%, gynecological diseases - 20-30%.
The vast majority of infertile women revealed a variety of psychological and emotional disorders areas: feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, hysterical state during the next menstrual period. The complex of these mental manifestations is "a symptom of pregnancy expectations."
It is assumed that the excessive nervous tension, fears of a psychogenic muzhchinmozhet ugnetatsya maturation of sperm, while women may experience profound and permanent barrier to the maturation of eggs, fertility and pregnancies.
Often, pregnancy is a time when a woman decides to stop treatment.
Isolation of three main reasons can not always explain all the causes of infertility, so that the WHO experts selected group of patients with so-called unexplained infertility. This infertility, the cause of that is used in the study are not able to establish.
The reasons for unexplained infertility of course there is. To him may cause minor malformations of genital organs, which have been neglected, difficult to detect violations of the follicle, the fine structure of eggs and others.
Some women with difficult to explain infertility have antibodies to the shiny shell eggs, the antibodies act as a barrier to conception.
Nevertheless, the achievements in the field of Reproduction - the science of childbirth, can say with confidence that new technologies can solve most problems arising in connection with the problem of infertility.



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