How To Flavor Your Penis So That Your Penis Tastes and Smells Like Chocolate – Women Will Love It!

Of course, it is attainable to taste your penis. In simple fact, you can taste it for just about any taste you want. However, chocolate appears to get the most responsive reactions from ladies. It will also get the job done as a nifty Valentine’s Working day existing that your female will enjoy if she has a interesting persona. This system allows prolonged-lasting taste via sexual intercourse and fellatio.

DISCLAIMER Recognize: Do not check out anything at all detailed in this article right up until you have shared this data and talked about this data, one-on-one, with your professional medical medical professional and your medical professional has given you entire authorization to carry out this method.

This is likely to feel like an episode from that old PBS Television clearly show ZOOM!

This normally takes time, is sophisticated, and is not inexpensive. However, if used appropriately, with the appropriate woman, it has remarkable success that are unobtainable in any other manner! This is actually one of the most intellect-blowing matters you can ever do with the appropriate woman.

This method of penis flavoring is centered on an endogenous system. That means, that the taste originates from inside of the man’s overall body. It is not an exogenous (originating from outdoors of the overall body) system, like spraying a thing like chocolate-scented perfume on your penis, for illustration.

Adhering to these instructions will make your penis, testicles, and bordering pelvic place flavor and scent like chocolate.

You will require:

1) A person, 48 ounce Bottle of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup (Or a thing similar – It must be sweetened)

2) A person, A person-50 % Gallon of Sweetened Soy Milk (Silk Initial Natural and organic Soy Milk functions excellent) – Do Not Use Cow’s Milk

3) Vanilla Extract (smaller bottle)

4) Chocolate Oil (Flavoring) – A smaller bottle of chocolate oil. You can locate this in grocery shops and even natural and organic grocery shops. It can also be found in shops which promote baking supplies and sweet supplies.

5) A person, Solitary Bunch of Celery (about ten stalks)

6) Some Modest Towels

7) Three Non-Lubricated and Non-Scented Latex Condoms (the looser fitting the better)


8) Some Saran Wrap or Equivalent

9) Blender

10) Fluid thermometer

11) Roll of paper towels

12) A Container that holds extra than a half-gallon of fluid that you can place in the refrigerator if your blender will never keep up to a gallon of fluid.

The Hershey’s (or comparable) Chocolate Syrup is definitely important. The vanilla extract is optional but appears to accentuate the chocolate flavor and scent. Chocolate oil can be optional, way too, in particular if you have difficulty locating it, but your success will get the job done substantially better with the chocolate oil than without it. The soy milk is optional, way too, and h2o can be used as a substitute. However, the penis flavoring will not be as rigorous,as the chocolate taste appears to bind better with the soy milk and boosts the sweetness of the general flavoring and scent. Cow’s milk tends to make the penile taste a minimal sour, so really don’t use cow’s milk. The celery is optional, way too, but you will have substantially better success if you eat some celery, as celery is a purely natural vasodilator and will aid in the flavoring method.

To Chocolate Flavor Your Penis for Saturday Evening:

This is how it functions. Let us start out on a Wednesday. For two times, halt ingesting anything at all that is fried or processed. Maintain away from anything at all with a sturdy aroma (like fish). Do not eat any meat solutions (in particular fish). Maintain away from spicy and sturdy foods and keep much away from sturdy taste enhancers, this kind of as soy sauce. Consume tons and tons of h2o. No booze, beer, espresso, or sodas. Stick with fruits and veggies that are not pretty fragrant (no lemons, for illustration) for your diet regime for these two times. Grains are superior. If you eat bread, make certain the bread does not include yeast. Nuts are superior, way too, but check out to stay away from roasted and/or salted nuts. Yet again, consume tons and tons of h2o.

Test your most effective to be active and sweat as substantially as attainable throughout these two times. Exercise, just take a hot sauna, sit in a hot tub (of course, one sweats in a hot tub), just take hot showers… Sweat as substantially as attainable!

Test to eat a few celery stalks each individual working day. A person in the morning, noon, and evening.

Be aware: These two prep times can be optional. However, your success will be seriously compromised (in particular if you really don’t sweat) if you do so. You can amplify the chocolate-taste success if you prep (the similar way) for extra than two times!

Right after two times we arrive to Friday. Your last food ought to be close to 12:00 PM, eat a first rate breakfast and lunch and adhere with the dietary recommendations we by now outlined. You will now speedy (that usually means no taking in) for the rest of the working day and evening other than for obtaining a few stalks of celery for the rest of the working day and evening. If you have to eat a thing, eat a thing bland with pretty much no taste.

Test not to consume substantially of anything at all, together with h2o from noon right up until you slide asleep. Unquestionably no beer, booze, espresso, or sodas.

Wake up Saturday morning at minimum by 9:00 AM. Strategy on being indoors for the working day and being interesting with minimal actual physical action. Consume a stalk of celery. You should not consume anything at all or eat anything at all else except if you won’t be able to stand it.

Acquire a hot shower and use soap, in particular in your genital region. Right after employing soap, scrub your genital place down with a soapless washcloth or smaller brush, this involves your penis and testicles. Test to make certain that you wash all the soap away from your genital region. Dry off wholly – 100%! Sit close to for about ten minutes to allow your overall body re-equilibrate to standard temperatures. Use cleanse underwear and costume in unfastened-fitting garments that are totally free of cologne and that type of issue.


At 10:00 AM, get your blender, include the soy milk and all of the 48-ounce bottle of sweetened chocolate syrup in the blender. Add a capful of vanilla extract. Add ten drops of chocolate oil. Mix this vigorously for at minimum two to a few minutes (again, in the blender). This will make about 8 to 9, 8-ounce eyeglasses of chocolate-flavored soy milk. Try to remember, go on to speedy, apart from the celery, and really don’t consume Something else apart from the chocolate-flavored milk, except if you are likely to move out and won’t be able to just take it.

Consume one glass of this milk instantly. Put the remainder in the refrigerator.

Consume another glass at 11:00 AM. Mix, again, in the blender if you can.

Consume a 3rd glass at 12:00 PM and eat a stalk of celery. Mix, again, in the blender if you can (really don’t blend the celery).

Consume a fourth glass at 1:00 PM. Mix, again, in the blender if you can.

Consume a fifth glass at 2:00 PM and eat a stalk of celery. Mix, again, in the blender if you can.

At 3:00 PM, place one of your smaller towels in a pot of h2o and warmth it on the stove to 95-levels Fahrenheit employing a fluid thermometer. This is about half of water’s boiling issue but is not hot plenty of to scald the pores and skin. WARNING – Do not warmth to extra than 95-levels Fahrenheit!

Make a semi-difficult erection (75% erect) and slip on a non-lubricated, non-scented latex condom that will get the job done better if it is pretty unfastened-fitting. This initially was designed employing Saran Wrap to loosely wrap the penis. However, people today are worried with off-gasing and poisons that could leach out if you employ Saran Wrap. Saran Wrap is substantially a lot easier to use and functions substantially, substantially, substantially better than a condom, having said that, it’s your simply call. If this is a worry of yours, employ the latex condoms and get the premier attainable dimension to in shape as loosely as attainable! The unfastened-fittingness is pretty crucial. Now wrap a layer of paper towels so that your penis is included at minimum a few instances. Drape some Saran Wrap close to your testicles and inner thighs so that the pores and skin is included in these regions (Yet again, if you are worried about Saran Wrap toxicity, then use some alternate that is harmless, this kind of as polyethylene). Add a layer or two of paper towels on prime of the Saran Wrap (or comparable non-toxic plastic wrap).

Get rid of the towel from the hot h2o and wring it out so that it still has h2o saturation, but will not genuinely drip all more than the place. Wrap it close to your ankle or forearm to get a sensation for irrespective of whether or not you can stand the temperature. If it is appropriate, wrap the towel close to your penis so that it wraps close to at minimum a few or four instances. Tuck the towel more than the penis head so the total penis is insulated. Make positive it is good and comfortable, but not choking your penis.

Very carefully drape the towel more than your testicular region and thoroughly watch if it is way too hot or not. Be careful and notice if the temperature is way too high or not!

Protection Check: Hold out a minute or so and take away the towels and condom (or Saran Wrap). Your penis ought to be a little purple with no proof of scalding or burning. If these temperatures seem appropriate for you, rewrap your penis and testicular regions with the similar condom (or Saran Wrap). Reheat the towels in the h2o at 95-levels Fahrenheit, wring the towels out as we did previously, and wrap your penis again and protect your testicular place with the towels. Sitting down or laying down is appropriate. You can include another hot towel (or even dry) more than the total region, if you want, for excess insulation. Close your legs and tuck your stomach (inside of at ease purpose). You should not transfer close to. Right after 5 minutes, take away the towels and condom (or Saran Wrap or comparable). Gently towel down your penis, testicular, and involved regions with a dry towel – 100%. The regions will be moist. Let your penis and pelvic region re-equilibrate to their standard temperatures. Get dressed again.

Consume a sixth glass at 3:00 PM. Mix again in the blender if you can.

Consume a seventh glass at 4:00 PM and eat a stalk of celery. Mix the chocolate milk, again, in the blender if you can.

Right after ingesting, repeat the condom (or Saran Wrap), paper towel, and hot/moist towel method, again, for 5 minutes of coverage.

Consume an eighth and final glass (or what ever is left) at 5:00 PM. Mix again in the blender if you can before consuming.

At 6:00 PM repeat the condom (or Saran Wrap), paper towel, and hot/moist towel method, again, for Ten MINUTES this time. Gently towel down your genital region when you are completed. Re-equilibrate your pelvic/penis region to standard temperatures (about ten minutes). Get dressed.

Your penis will now scent and flavor like chocolate. You should not just take a shower and You should not spray any kind of cologne or anything at all like that close to your genital region. When you get dressed up to go out that evening, make certain that you are NOT wearing any pants, underwear, or shirts that have any kind of cologne (or similar substances) on them.

Test not to go out dancing or do anything at all athletic. If you do, your total overall body will scent a little chocolaty and will cut down the influence of just obtaining your genitals obtaining this scent/taste. You should not go out and eat all forms of crap food stuff, in particular if it is spicy, sturdy, or fragrant. Stick to ingesting h2o for the evening. No booze, beer, espresso, or sodas.

Some extra notes: Be excess careful with applying the hot towels! Skin temperature is about 90-levels Fahrenheit, so 95 levels (which will be decreased a bit after wringing and applying) ought to be plenty of to promote a superior sweat without burning you. However, all people is unique and some people today may possibly be extra temperature delicate than other individuals, so Enjoy IT Safe AND Check On your own Totally Before Totally WRAPPING AND Continuing.

The chocolate milk will be sturdy (in flavor), but should not be way too potent. Escalating the amount of money of chocolate flavorings will boost the chocolate flavor in your penis. It all depends on what stage you can tolerate to consume. Of course, the extra chocolated fluid you can consume, and the extra chocolated that fluid is, will result in a extra chocolaty penis.

Great luck!

The method that allows a man to taste his penis is centered on the sweating system of the male overall body. As you may possibly be conscious, for illustration, that if an individual indulges in substantial amounts of garlic, when they start out to sweat copiously, the garlic will be passed via their sweat glands to be produced onto the pores and skin. If you scent the pores and skin of an individual who eats copious amounts of garlic and who is sweating, their pores and skin will scent like garlic. If you flavor their pores and skin, it will also flavor like garlic.

Fortunately, the the greater part of the penis has sweat glands and does, in truth, sweat. However, the glans (head) has pretty several sweat glands. The locations close to the penis, together with the testicles, also have sweat glands. So, it is attainable to taste the total region, apart from the penile head.

Now, here is the Greatest aspect! As the inside of the mouth and vagina are hotter than the exterior of the penis, and because of to the amplified warmth remaining produced via friction of fellatio and throughout sexual intercourse, the penis will sweat throughout these functions.

This usually means that the scent and taste of the chocolate will go on via sexual intercourse and throughout fellatio, having said that, it will mature (in scent and taste) throughout these functions! That is, of program, right up until the “flavoring” is eliminated from the overall body.

The sweating system (apart from the apcorine sweat glands) are consistently “reloaded” (by the overall body), so the sweating system is continual (right up until the overall body gets way too dehydrated). What comes about is the capillary-prosperous bulbs of the sweat glands soak up fluid from the blood to convert into sweat. These bulbs constantly pull fluid from the blood, endlessly, other than when the overall body gets way too dehydrated.

So, this is why the chocolate taste will go on to surface in the penis (and bordering regions), even via hours of sexual intercourse (again, right up until the “flavoring” is eliminated or broken down by the overall body).

Bon Appetit!

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