Critical Thinking: Does The "MeToo" Movement Show How ‘Privileged’ Women Are?

Soon after the allegations ended up created about Harvey Weinstein, the “#MeToo” hashatag went viral on social media. This gave persons the probability to talk out about the sexual assault and harassment that they had seasoned in the office.

In The Starting

It has been mentioned that the primary function of this hashatag was, “to empower females via empathy, primarily the experiences of youthful and vulnerable brown or black females”, and the human being guiding this was, Tarana Burke. Soon after this, Alyssa Milano made available her assist for this phrase, with her encouraging persons to use it if they had seasoned sexual harassment and assault.

This was also viewed as a way to uncover out how common this is in modern planet. Having said that, as additional and additional persons from all around the planet began to use this phrase, its that means gradually improved.

A Watershed Moment

But with that apart, what is distinct is that this hashtag has specified so a lot of persons a voice, a vice that they clearly haven’t had right before. And when someone’s currently being has been violated by a different human currently being, this is just what they have to have.

Their sense of security and protection will have been shattered, and it is then likely to be essential for them to be heard. This can then make it possible for them to feel acknowledged and validated, and some thing can then be carried out about what has taken place.

Two Pieces

First of all, there can be what will have to have to take place in regards to the human being or persons who triggered them damage, and, secondly, there can be the sort of psychological and emotional assist that an individual will have to have. For instance, if an individual has been raped, they may well have to have therapy.

And it may well not make any difference if this took place a quantity of decades back, as their thoughts and body could still be in a traumatised condition. If this is the case, it could be problem for them to tackle their day-to-day existence.

Achieving Out

Simply positing a hashtag on social media is not essentially likely to do considerably, and there is also the probability that they feel even additional vulnerable via telling other folks about what happened to them. It will then be crucial for them to uncover a therapist or a healer to perform with, an individual who understands what they have been via and who can information them via this course of action.

What they have been via will have had a significant affect on them and carrying on as right before is not likely to be an possibility. They didn’t deserve to be taken care of in this way and they really don’t deserve to experience, both.

A Tainted Movement

The difficulty is that as the that means of this hashtag has improved, it has meant that it is currently being employed willy nilly. So, instead of an individual currently being raped as an grownup or sexually abused as a child, for instance, as an grownup they may well have had their leg touched or had sex that wasn’t quite satisfying.

What this then just one does is trivialises the situations when an individual has truly experienced. When some thing like this comes about, the human being who makes use of this hashtag clearly has a distinctive motive to an individual who has essentially experienced.

It has been Hijacked

If an individual has had their leg touched or their shoulder touched, is this definitely the same as currently being raped or sexually abused as a child? Or having sex and then regretting it the day after?

This is some thing that a quantity of feminists are firmly guiding, with this currently being a different way for them to manage and demonise all adult men. These are the females who like to communicate about how ‘privileged’ all adult men are, when fully overlooking their have ‘privilege’


In their eyes, all adult men are bad and/or rapists and females are oppressed victims, who have absolutely no agency. Centered on this, adult men are grownups but females are dependent little ones who have to have protecting.

What this then does is cease females from currently being liable for their have existence and, if this is the case, then adult men are to blame. Females are then like angels who are incapable of performing nearly anything completely wrong.

The Dying of Because of Course of action

Therefore, if a man is accused of harassment or sexual misconduct, he will be guilty right until established harmless. The truth that a girl has mentioned that this is what has happened will be the only point that matters.

With just one accusation, regardless of regardless of whether it is correct or not, a man’s name and livelihood can be fully wrecked. Would this come about if adult men had all the electric power, or if we lived in a ‘patriarchy’ and females ended up ‘oppressed’?

One Significant Illusion

One way of looking at this would be to say that the purpose why these feminists have spent so considerably time feeding into the narrative that adult men are ‘privilege’, is to cover their have privilege. Then have then accused the reverse gender of what which they are – they are both not conscious of this or they are really crafty.

They are not intrigued in facts they are only intrigued in pushing their have agenda. The only details and experiences that they are intrigued in is what backs up what they believe.

Back again To Truth

Adult men are not infallible and, believe it or not, females are the same not anything that will come out of their mouth is the fact. In the same way that adult men can be consideration seekers, females can also be the same.

Getting this into account, it is distinct that it is not a superior notion to believe that a man will have to be guilty if a girl has accused him of performing some thing completely wrong. And if this is challenging for an individual to take, they only have to have to think about how ridiculous it would be to believe anything that came out of a man’s mouth.


It is simple to attack adult men in modern planet and to tar them all with the same brush, but all this does is divide adult men and females. Potentially the feminists who are guiding this have a lot of conflict in them, wanting to make the planet in their have graphic.

They are then not likely to be fully pleased right until all adult men and females are as miserable as they are. Thankfully, a truly empowered girl – a girl who does not understand herself as a sufferer – is not likely to be intrigued in any of this

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