AC Doesn’t Cool While at a Stop – Air Conditioning Blows Warm at Idle

There are numerous explanations why a cars and trucks AC may not cool when at a prevent and blows awesome only when transferring. The most common reason is the cooling fan for the condenser is not working. It’s critical to know that lots of situations the cooling fan is shared by the radiator and condenser, other situations there are TWO different ones. The reason why a poor cooling fan can affect the AC so dramatically is the simple fact that heat from refrigerant (Freon) is ordinarily cooled when passing via the condenser. So even if the condenser fan is NOT working, it may not have an affect on the AC though the motor vehicle is transferring at freeway speeds. This is because air is handed via the condenser when driving down the road so the fan is not necessary. When the motor vehicle is at a prevent, the condenser is completely dependent on the cooling fan to awesome it down. Often the cooling fan may possibly be working, but it may possibly be transferring way too slowly to sufficiently awesome the condenser. To check out the motor, a check light can be made use of to validate that it is having energy and floor to the electrical plug in. If energy and floor is present and the motor is not working, the motor has an open up circuit. When the cooling fan motor is worn, it may possibly be started off sometimes briefly by lightly tapping on the electric fan motor with a tiny hammer or wrench. If the fan turns at all when this is done, replacing the motor will be necessary. This is just a different way to validate that it is obtaining the power it desires to run. Also maintain in head that a cooling fan may possibly get started at any time (some even appear on with the motor off) so be thorough not to adhere your hand in the way of the blades! Take note that if the cooling fan motor has seized, it really is likely that the fuse has blown also. So if there is no energy to the fan and the motor is locked up, a fuse will additional than likely need to be replaced at the time of the fan motor substitute.

Other Will cause of Automobile AC Not to Neat at an Idle or a Cease   

  1. The motor vehicle could be overheating – caused by one thing else other than the cooling fan.
  2. Warmth transfer from the radiator to the condenser can change effectiveness, if the motor vehicle is overheating.
  3. The AC compressor may possibly not be pumping adequately at slower RPM’s (revolutions for every moment).
  4. An growth valve may possibly not be regulating the refrigerant the right way.
  5. Condenser fins could be bent or the condenser could be obstructed by overseas particles.

There are special condenser fin combs to straighten condenser fins. But in my working experience, bent condenser fins are not that a lot of a common challenge. A additional common challenge if you generate in the country, is pollen accumulated over time in amongst the fins. Trash from the road like a plastic bag or piece of paper obstructing section of the condenser cutting down performance can occur wherever. It’s amusing to me that throughout my time as an vehicle technician, lots of customers came in anxious that the AC was not cooling, but failed to notice that the motor vehicle was overheating – even if the temperature gauge was pegged!

Resource by Dennis Bandy


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