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Clomid. Abortion and infertility.

Common cause of infertility is transferred in the past abortion. So, after the abortion risk of infertility in nulliparous women increased 6 times. Surgical intervention in the uterus may contribute to the spread of infection or directly cause to anatomical changes, such as imperforate cervical canal, the emergence of intrauterine adhesions - synechiae or occlusion (blockage) of the fallopian tubes. Moreover, any interrupted pregnancy - a hormonal impact on the ovaries. Often occurs after an abortion failure of ovarian function, disturbed menstrual function.
Abortion can disrupt the endocrine system and cause changes in the mammary glands, exacerbate endometriosis.
There is one opinion that a medical abortion, as well as the introduction of intrauterine contraceptive, as well as other intrauterine manipulations known to increase the risk of inflammatory diseases of the uterus and their implications.
Wearing an intrauterine device facilitates the ascent of infection from the vagina into the uterus by an intrauterine device threads dangling from the cervical canal. And the cause of the inflammation arising in the internal sex organs, can be conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. When using the IUD for more than 5 years the probability of the inflammatory process in the internal genital organs increases by 2-3 times. The risk of recurrent inflammation of the fallopian tubes during intrauterine contraception increased by five times, and every fifth woman in need of surgery.



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